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English 131 W
October 7, 2017
Assignment 2:Rhetorical Analysis

From August 30 to September 16, 1995, the global highlightwas China, where thousands of women gathered to attend two significant events: The 1995 NGO Forum on Women and the U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women.Approximately 31,000 women from more than 200 countries attended the nongovernmental organization forum, compelled by the need to join the fast-growing, worldwide network of women who were determined to achieve equality, development, and peace. In the NGO Forum, UN fourth World conference on women in Huairou, Beijing, PROC, the primitive women present had come together to draft a declaration to claim their own rights, so called “Beijing Declaration of Indigenous …show more content…

Moreover, in the later part of the declaration, when they do their proposals and demands, for multiple times, they mention their target audience. One of their most important readers, the “government”, is mentioned many times in the article. Like when they say“We demand that the international community and governments recognize and respect our rights to our territories” (Beijing Declaration of Indigenous Women, 22), and when they declare “We urge the governments who are opening up out territories to foreign investors especially to mining corporations, to respect these rights.” (Beijing Declaration of Indigenous Women, 23), they always emphasize the word “government”, which accurately locks their audience with the group related to official departments, say government, international organizations, the United Nations, and so on. They to some extent ignore the public, the teenagers, the elders, the people outside the indigenous group and have mere interest in acknowledging this issue solely to the government. They are not intending to persuade everybody, only calling the government to take actions to satisfy indigenous peoples’ demands. Secondly, because of the special audience they have, their language style is also distinctive. The tone of the article is official and serious due to the situation of being present in a worldwide famous conference in Beijing. The style is best defined by their special rhetorical dictions,

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