Rhetorical Analysis Of Communication

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Ms. Melissa Marshall provided a brief informative presentation in front of a live audience encompassing affiliates of sciences to include students and their faculty. Her objective was to educate the students on effective communication in their field and to bestow presentation strategies to aid them in their future clientele and the journey that lies ahead of them. Public speaking is a manner of communication that enables us to share our ideas with others as we stand in front of an audience in making our point of view visible to them. However, when someone stands in front of a crowd with unrefined public speaking skills, the likelihood of the audience not being able to perceive the presentation is high. She explains the importance of communication and delivers ways to effectively connect with the rest of society.

Invention This segment involves the targets of persuasion. Marshall identified the audience and centered the presentation around the persuasive situation – that one day they will accomplish great feats which will be hindered by the rest of society’s inability to comprehend. She states that “the key to opening that door is great communication”. Marshall utilized visual aids to match the information provided with photographs and examples of effective slides. The formal setting seemed appropriate in the presentation she has given as she stood in front of a crowed and presenting new ideas for effective communication. When we venture into the realm of the rhetoric

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