Rhetorical Analysis OfNo Firemen At Ground Zero This 9 / 11?

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Rhetorical Analysis In the article “No Firemen at Ground Zero This 9/11?”, Michael Burke uses multiple techniques to persuade his audience of the injustice committed against the first responders of 9/11 by excluding them from the 10 year anniversary at Ground Zero. Burke works towards the goal of having first responders be included in the memorial at Ground Zero, after Mayor Bloomberg claims there isn’t enough room. Throughout the piece, Burke targets his argument at the influential readers of the Wall Street Journal in New York to get them to use their influence to put pressure on Bloomberg to get the first responders to be properly honored. Some of the most important strategy that Burke uses to persuade his audience is the structure of his piece, and his use of quotes. One of the key things that Burke did to persuade his audience of the significance of having first responders included in the memorial is the way he structured his piece. In most pieces, the thesis is placed near the beginning of the piece, but not in Burke's piece. Burke places his thesis as the very last sentence of his piece as a way to appeal to his audience. Given that his audience is a group of logically thinking businessmen starting with his thesis would only work against him, since they would most likely agree with the Mayor’s viewpoint that there simply is not enough room. But to make his audience think less logically, Burke starts his piece with a long narrative describing the events of 9/11. Burke
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