Rhetorical Analysis- Snuggie

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The Snuggie Commercial tied to Monroe’s Motivated Sequence xxxxxxxxxxxxx Governors State University Abstract This paper focuses on an analysis of the Snuggie commercial. The author will cover the five steps that make up the Monroe’s Motivated Sequence and illuminate how the commercial is organized according to these steps. The Snuggie Commercial tied to Monroe’s Motivated Sequence The Snuggie is a soft, cozy, one piece blanket with sleeves that is available in 3 different colors. Awareness of this product is now worldwide due to its widely spread television commercials and advertisements. The Snuggie commercial is not one of the favored commercials in television today. It does not contain much to gain the …show more content…

Following Satisfaction is Visualization in the Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. The commercial uses Visualization to allow the viewer to see how the snuggie is used in a situation that may be relate to themselves. It shows all members of a family using the Snuggie. It shows an older lady knitting, a mother reading to her daughter, a man watching television, a lady making coffee, a child

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