Rhetorical Analysis of the Essay ‘Our Wall’

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‘Our Wall’; written by Charles Bowden; is one of the essays focused on border problems, especially with the illegal immigrants and smuggling; and the wall to prevent the same. The author is an American non-fiction author, journalist, and essayist who mainly depicts the realism, and presents it to the society with the hope of change. In this essay, ‘Our Wall’, he cites the wall is made by U.S in order to control the illegal immigrants from Mexico. The essay collects views and comments before and after the establishment of wall of the people from both sides. This essay seems to be in against of the wall, which generally breaks up the personal ties and humanitarian relationship of the people in and out of the wall, and the wall stands still …show more content…

One believes that the border is attacked by the ghost. Hundreds of people die each year while running away from border patrol, and violence from smuggling. The immigrants move here and there of borders to find a way to wealth of the America and sometimes find their way to death. It shows the heart rending situation of poverty and people fighting for death to earn. Some immigrants go back when there is problem in their home, and can never come back due to border security. This

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