Rhetorical Techniques Used By Rick Rivera

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The first resource that I chose to explore was Rick Rivera's video's. The reason I chose to explore this one first was because of the fact that I am currently enrolled in his English 1C class. I thought that his videos would be similar to his documents that he provided during the first week of school. After looking at his videos, I do think that I would recommend this resource to other. I found his videos to be very helpful and they were set up much like his starting documents. He sectioned off each video into two different groups, which I found to be very helpful. It's always easier for me to find what I'm looking for if it's separated into its own category rather than having to search through numerous pages and videos to find it. I think that his videos are a great starting point for people who are looking to learn some of the basics and for people who just need a refresher. I found all of it to be easy to use because of the …show more content…

I have already explained why I like to use websites, documents, and resources that section it's information off. This website sections everything and it made it so easy for me to look through information that I may need in the future. This was the only resource that I have found so far that was laid out in a way that was easy for me to understand. I found a lot while exploring this resource. There are sections on PowerPoints, sentences, tips for people with writer’s block, and a section just about paragraphs. I would highly recommend this source to others because of the amount of information that is given and because I found it so easy and so helpful to use. It was easy to use because of the drop down options in the menu. It was also helpful to use because of those drop down menus, it kept me from having to search through pages and pages of information that I didn't

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