Rhode Island 's Public Policy Guidelines Essay

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Rhode Islands’ Future has been established to resolve Rhode Island’s need to address the issues of a failing elementary and secondary education system. Currently, Rhode Island students are being outperformed by Massachusetts students on national tests. Although Rhode Island and Massachusetts spend about the same on public education per student. Differences are identified in the management of the schools and the degree of state influence. The main issues focused in this research will be on examining and determining if Rhode Island should adopt more of the management and governance models that Massachusetts uses, which could open the door for “empowered” schools in Rhode Island. Proposed public policy guidelines, best practices, evaluations on potential educational funding, cost benefit analysis, and risks will be analyzed. Finally, this report will look into what possible recommendations could be made from the outcome of this research.
Focusing on Rhode Island’s future, which encompasses the education of our youth is a continuing topic of discussion. However, it is emphasized when neighboring states are outperforming Rhode Island’s public school children. Complicating the issue is the performance of Rhode Island public school children fall near or even slightly below the national average on several standardized tests. Delivering more and better services is a persistent need for governments. Mounting costs of delivering services has forced administrators

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