Rhythm And Blues Research Paper

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Rhythm and Blues is the genre of music made by and for African Americans between the end of the second World War and the early 1960s. Rhythm and Blues wasn’t always what it was. It was originally called “race music”, which was a term generalized for all genres of music created by African Americans at the time. After the term “race music” was deemed offensive due to the fact that black people were becoming more prominent in the work force and society, the term R&B or rhythm and blues was created. After World War II, people migrated from urban areas due to loss of income because of the devastation during The Great Depression. Upper-class citizens assimilated into the lifestyle of those living in rural poor cities.
This helped to create an audience that was younger with more black people. But by the end of the Great Depression the popularity of swing music was dwindling. All the while, the need for a new dance-oriented genre was in demand. R&B answered this call to action. Ray Charles, Little Richard, and James Brown rank among the most influential and innovative R&B performers. Sza is an R&B artist. As an R&B artist she helps me to recognize my identity within society, conveys the importance of family togetherness, and guides my decisions with hard-to-navigate romantic and platonic relationships. My artist, SZA also known as Solána Rowe speaks to me in her music, in a way that makes me relate to her. Solana Rowe grew up in New Jersey, and was raised Muslim. She trained as

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