Richard III Biography Essay

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Richard III, born in England, to Richard, Duke of York; and Cecily Neville, Duchess of York, is often pinned as the culprit in the murder of his nephews. Edward V and Richard, Duke of York, were the sons of King Edward IV, Richard III’s older brother. When King Edward IV died on April 9th, 1483, Edward V, roughly twelve years old at the time, remained the heir to the throne. King Edward IV had appointed Richard to govern England until Edward V came of age. Around June 1483, following a declaration by Bishop Stillington that Edward had been married to Eleanor, Lady Butler before Elizabeth Woodville and that therefore Edward V was an illegitimate heir, Richard III declared himself as king. Soon after, his nephews both disappeared, last seen…show more content…
Hastings had been an important courtier of Edward IV, and commanded a large private army. On the June 13th, 1483, at a routine meeting of the royal council, Hastings was arrested and executed later that day. According to More, Richard had been in a cheery mood during the meeting, however, soon into the meeting, exited the room. When he re-entered, his character had completely changed, and he then had Hastings arrested. Hastings would have been a significant obstacle for Richard if he had intended on taking the throne from Edward V. An additional possibility is that when Richard left the meeting room, he could have acquired information about a plot by Hastings against himself. Still a third option is that Buckingham, Richard’s main advisor and second in command, influenced Richard by convincing him that in order to be king, he would have to eliminate Hastings. Buckingham’s next move seems to support this theory. On June 16th, Buckingham arrived at Westminster Abbey, and demanded that Elizabeth Woodville hand over to Richard her younger son. If Richard were to kill the older son, the right to be king would transfer to Richard, Duke of York, the younger son. This does not necessarily prove that Richard was hostile to the princes, because it was completely normal to want both princes controlled, and if Richard at this point felt he needed to kill the princes, this feeling would be in complete contrast to his prior behavior of total loyalty to his
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