Rifle Scope Research Paper

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Out in the field, you need to make sure that you have high-quality gear on you to ensure that your hunt goes smoothly. Whether it’s making sure that you stay warm with thick, durable clothing, or having an adequate blade for when it’s time to dress your kill, the best gear can mean the difference between a successful hunt or an unproductive day in the woods.

Of all the gear you can have, however, I would argue that one of the most important pieces is your rifle scope. As a hunter, vision is probably your best asset, considering that you have to see your target to ensure a proper kill. Today I’ll be showing you some of the best hunting scopes on the market so that you can get your next prey in your crosshairs and not go home empty-handed. …show more content…

Unfortunately, CVLIFE doesn’t seem to name its scopes differently, so I’ll just refer to this one as the 50mm model. When talking about lens sizes, I like a larger scope since it lets in more light and gives me better vision. Thus, this 50mm model is a marked improvement over the previous 40mm version. However, you don’t get a laser sight on this scope, which may or may not be a bad thing, depending on how much of a badass you want to be.

Other notable features of this unit include a variable zoom range of 6-24X, a multi-coated lens for better clarity overall, and the fact that it comes with rings to mount on a 20mm Weaver Dovetail Rail. Unfortunately, the rings that come with the scope only attach to that rail, so if you have something different (like a Picatinny), then you’ll need to get a different set of rings.

Highlighted Features
Durable construction
6-24X zoom capacity
50mm lens
Multi-coated lens for better clarity
Red or green reticles available
Five intensities for both

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