Rihanna And Domestic Violence

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Intro: Helping enforce stricter laws against people who commit domestic violence will give assistance to protect some women by keeping an attacker locked up until trial. Stricter enforcement can help protect women. Domestic violence is a tough and complicated issue. Victims often charge against their abusers because they are financially or emotionally dependent on them. Or because of pressure from family members. Or because of fear or threats of worse violence.The most insecure moment for a victim is after she has left her abuser or has had him arrested. Some stars that have been victims of domestic violence would be women like Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Amber Laura Heard and Lindsay Dee Lohan.

As a result towards being in a domestic violence situation, Rihanna has been victimized by Chris Brown. Nobody will fail to remember that picture of Rihanna. Her swollen face, blackened eyes and all those bruises she had throughout her. Her boyfriend at that time shocked people around the world when they found out that he assaulted her in his vehicle and just left her on the side of the road and left. Rihanna is a Barbadian singer, actress and songwriter. Who would've known she would of been confronted with a devastating incident. Within this being the situation, Rihanna's words and her dreadful experience helped women around the world. By speaking out she helped women seek for help and eventually it helped women gain more power by seeking

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