Rip Machine Ethical Dilemmas

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Imagine you’re at home and you get a call saying your Mother or Father had been in a terrible accident and are on their way to the hospital. You race to your car and meet them just as the ambulance pulls up to the emergency room and as they are led in and met with a swarm of doctors and nurses as they are wheeled into a room you’re left standing there in a haze as you witness people rushing around the room, monitors being hooked up, continuous beeping from machines. You look over to the doctor who is punching in codes on a machine and as they quickly finish up they states to another nurse that the machine has said that your Mother/Father only has a small 5 percent chance of survival and you hear them state whether or not to administer any sort …show more content…

The RIP machine is used in emergency rooms all over the country to help medical teams make informed decisions based on a statistical percentage. So if a person was to come into the ER they would take their symptoms and press them into the machine where the machine would tell staff the best course of treatment. It is recommended that if the person has a 5 percent chance or greater that treatment be given to the patient, but if they have less than a 5 percent chance that treatment is not recommended to be administered to …show more content…

Do we need or want computers to help make those decisions? I would hope that if I were ever in an emergency situation that my Doctor isn’t relying on plugging in symptoms to try and find a course of treatment for me. I would hope that all the years of medical school has helped prepare them for these situations. I don’t think it’s healthy for people to rely on technology as much as we do, especially in a field where people need to be able to be prepared for the unexpected. Just because a person has a small percent chance of surviving should we not try to exhaust all options before throwing in the towel? Will Doctors be less willing to help the patient based off the small

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