Rise Of Sivagami Essay

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A Critical Review of The Rise of Sivagami
By Uganeswary Venugopal

SS Rajamouli , a famous movie director while he was directing Bahubali movie ( The Beginning & The Conclusion ) asked writer Anand Neelakantan to pen the story of Mahishmathi. The Rise of Sivagami is an Indian Historical fiction novel written by Anand Neelakantan. He present this story revolves around Sivagami, character of Bahubali. I was personally mesmerized when I read Sivagami saying “ I swear, I will destroy the Kingdom of Mahishmathi!” I kept on reading the book and the sequence of story was excellent. This paper will review Sivagami’s story as well and the struggles faced by her in the journey of searching the manuscript and its secret.
The character of Sivagami was started building in the first chapter (Sivagami). She appeared to be woman of …show more content…

The author portrays brother sister relationship in an improper way. Brother and sister relationship is the most beautiful and pure relationship on the earth. But in this story this unique relationship is shown in a wrong manner. For example, Raghava kissed Sivagami when they had a journey to the mansion. Although Raghava’s father adopted her but he treated Sivagami as his own daughter. She also thought like that. But Raghava had affection with Sivagami and kissed her. He supposed treated Sivagami as his sister not a lover. This kind of plots may divert the mind of readers to a bad way. The third weakness is the introduction of Sivagami within first chapter. Telling a character’s history upfront immediately gives readers a sense of formative experiences and character psychology. The author describes Sivagami’s character in stand-alone description. Sivagami plays a main role in this story. The author just mention her name in the story straight forwardly without any description. It will make the readers to get bored.

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