Risk Assessment And Mitigation Plan

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Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan: Initial Draft The purpose of a risk assessment plan, and especially this one in particular, is to analyze the threats or dangers to the Defense Logistics Information Service, which is the largest logistics combat support agency for the Department of Defense. A proper risk assessment plan is vital to protect both the information we store for the military, as well as the troops and civilians that would be in danger should this data be compromised. Assets at risk include our own personnel as well as troops both deployed and in reserve, physical equipment, and the data we create and store on a consistent basis. The boundaries for the plan will set the borders for what the risk assessment will cover. For example, this risk assessment will not cover how to mitigate the threats to our organization. It will only assess the assets at risk, and the threat to those assets. Risk mitigation and management will be covered in a different section. There are different approaches that can be taken when assessing risk. We can use quantitative methods, which deal in exact dollar amounts and figures. Quantitative methods are more concrete, but take longer to assess due to all the factors involved. This method would be more accurate at determining losses for our company which deals in information. You also have qualitative methods, which are more subjective and deal with assigning ratings. For example, you could have a risk rating system with values of

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