Risk Assessment And Risk Management

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Risk Assessment and Risk Management.

To protect the confidentiality of the service users I worked with who are mentioned in this assignment, all service users’ names and any identifying features have been anonymoused. Confidentiality is key for the Social work profession to ensure sensitive information remains undisclosed (Doel, 2012).

The aim of risk assessment is to consider problems or situations where it is likely or unlikely that harm may occur (Adams et al, 2009). Risk is a generic concept based on the assumption that the likelihood of loss, harm or other negative happenings can be estimated or even quantified. When applied to social work, “the complexities of the factors correlated with peoples vulnerabilities and …show more content…

Child protection concerns play a large part in Social Work practice, which is underpinned by law, policy, organisational procedures and public enquiries regarding how the Government try to prevent abuse from going unseen (Hothersall 2010).

Risk when thinking about Social Work practice looks at two main areas:
• The risk a person poses to themselves and to others
• Risk that a person may be subject to, looking at their vulnerability (Maclean & Harrison 2011)

Whilst on placement with the Aberdeenshire Council Children and Families Team I adhered to the lone working policy to ensure my safety when out of the office working with clients. To minimise risks, in line with this policy I have my mobile phone with me at all times and ensure I write my day to day diary on the office board with names, times and addresses of where I will be going, and notify staff of my where-a-bouts (Aberdeenshire Council 2014).

During my time on placement I managed a case with a 15 year old male who’s dangerous and risk taking behaviour was spiralling out of control. Ryan was truanting school, resulting in his attendance being less than 20%, associating with a negative peer group and getting involved in physical fights. Ryan’s anti-social and criminalised behaviour has resulting in him being returned home by the police on several occasions.

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