Risk Management : Term Project

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Risk Management
Term Project - CE 592
Dr. Jaselskis
Spring 2015

Colby Meador
Erik Messina Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Five Step Process
2.1. Risk Management Plan
2.2. Identifying Risks
2.3. Analyze Project Risks
2.4. Plan Responses for Project Risks
2.5. Monitor Risks
3. Significant Risks
4. Pros/Cons of Risk Managment
5. Triple Contrain
6. Topic Specific vs. All Inclusive
7. Conclusion
8. References

1. Introduction

Risks are an inherent part of everything in life, but it is how we plan and prepare for them that determines the ultimate effect they have on us. We invest money in health insurance plans for when we get sick and invest time in preparing for exams should we encounter any difficult problems, so it definitely makes since to account for risk when it comes to construction projects. It is our endeavor to examine the topic of risk management from the construction viewpoint to gain a better understanding of its significance and what it encompasses.
The realistic definition of risk is “any uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or negative effect on a project’s objectives” (Project Management Institute, 2008). Since risk is associated with uncertainty, it should be appropriately planned for in the early stages of the project. Risk is inherent with any project and should be assessed continually while simultaneously developing plans to address them. Different types of risk we expect to
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