River Of Names By Dorothy Allison

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Social Class categorizes people into groups based on economic, cultural and educational factors. "River of Names" is a short story in Identity Matters written by Dorothy Allison about a low class family and how these factors illustrate her agonizing childhood through a nameless character born into a southern family. The character that is also the narrator is a working class lesbian addicted to violence looking to escape from her family's class background. Allison speaks through this character with clenching teeth and unflinching honesty about a world that represents her personal experience of grief and suffering while growing up in a burdensome family and finding a way to survive the terrors. Allison's vivid short story is intertwined with hardships, incest, and abuse. Dorothy Allison's purpose in her harsh short story is to portray how southern lower social class families are linked to violence because they are not educated. Dorothy Allison starts off by lying to deceive and bring out a false impression of her childhood. She reminisces about the past and does not tell her girlfriend Jesse that the stories she tells are actually about her growing up in a brutal and unpleasant family in South Carolina. Unlike Jesse who was raised in a higher class she was not able to experience a regular childhood and it had created many conflicts within herself psychologically. Jesse saw her life as a fairytale and believed everyone else did as well . When Jesse would ask about the

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