Road Mapping Emergence Of The Cell Phone

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Road mapping emergence of the cell phone Trimonisha Das The Australian National University, Abstract - The purpose of this document is to investigate the innovation path for a particular product or service of interest to the author and develop the emergence roadmap followed to realise its commercial success. The emergence of cell phones has been identified as such a case study in this paper. Keywords – Technology evolution, innovation, cellular phone, emergence road mapping. INTRODUCTION TO MOBILE PHONES Wireless communication has come a long way since weighing around 1.1 kg in 1983 to the myriad of smartphones available in the market today that are lightweight and loaded with endless features. But it all began towards the 20th century, when telegraph and radio technology were evolving tremendously. The transatlantic telegraph was built by 1866. An affinity towards wireless communication was growing for a number of reasons: (i) Increased mobility. (ii) No wiring. (iii) Remote access. (iv) Innovative solution. (v) Defence strategies. The concept of mobile phones is based on a very sophisticated radio. Mobile phones have power-run transmitters in them. This power is supplied by a battery. A low power phone requires smaller battery that allows use of hand-held sets, which are not overly bulky. Transmitters convert voice/sound into electrical signals sent over a frequency spectrum that are received at the station and converted back to the original

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