Robert Goddard: The First Rocket

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Robert Goddard is known as the first rocket scientist to successfully propel a rocket using liquid fuel. He was born in Worcester, Massachusetts on October 5, 1882. Through Goddard’s childhood, he was interested in science. “Interested in science as a child, Goddard became intrigued by space after reading H. G. Wells' science fiction novel, "The War of the Worlds."” (American Father of Rocketry). Goddard’s parents had also encouraged him in the subject of science. “Robert was the son of a traveling salesman who also dabbled at inventing, and both parents encouraged their son's interest in science.” (The Father of Modern Rocketry) Goddard went to Worcester Polytechnic Institute for his degree in science. “Goddard enrolled as a student at Worcester…show more content…
He was the one who discovered how a rocket could still propel itself through a vacuum. “Proved that a rocket will work in a vacuum, that it needs no air to push against” (American Rocketry Pioneer). Many people doubted his findings or even the idea of a rocket making it through a vacuum. “Many people shot down the idea that a thrust was possible in the vacuum of space.” (American Father of Rocketry). This was the discovery that brought up the idea of how a rocket could travel into space, and possibly even to the moon. Without Goddard’s discovery NASA may have taken several years longer to develop. “Explored the practicality of using rocket propulsion to reach high altitudes, even the moon (1912)” (American Rocketry Pioneer). There are many great accomplishments that Goddard has achieved, but perhaps his greatest achievement was discovering that a rocket could work in a vacuum. Another great achievement that he did not get complete credit for, since he didn’t make it, was the bazooka. During World War II there were many new weapons that came out and Goddard had been employed to launch aircraft by using rockets. “During World War II, an anti-tank weapon similar to ones Goddard had designed were utilized — the bazooka.” (American Father of Rocketry). The work of Robert Goddard was a great contribution to space and space
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