Robert Mccrae And Paul Costa

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Robert McCrae and Paul Costa began their research by classifying people by their personality traits and categorizing them into two different dimensions know as neuroticism and extraversion. They were mainly testing the stability and structure of the personality. Their study went from a taxonomy to a theory that was capable of suggesting hypotheses and offering explanations for research results. This theory could also predict and explain behavior. The Big Five was developed with the help of many different people and their theories over a sixty year span. In the 1930 's Allport and Odbert began to study traits. In the 1940 's the study was continued by Cattell. The study was then taken over by Norman, Tupes, and Christal in the 1960 's.…show more content…
These people also tend to be passive and unfeeling. My best friend, Crystal, would score high in extraversion. She fits in with everyone and is capable of joining any group. She is always having a good time, maybe too much of a good time. She is anything but a loner and quiet. She is very adaptable and conforms to her surroundings well. I have always known he described as a chameleon. People who score high on openness to experience are more outgoing than most. These people are curious, enjoy variety and are often classified as liberal. When someone scores high on openness it, may be safe to assume that are creative or have an active imagination that would attract them into the art scene. Someone who would defiantly score high in openness to experience is my aunt, Penny, is considered a wild woman. She is always up to something new and adventurous from noodling (fishing using only your hands or feet), to creating beautiful art out of the skulls of horses, deer, cow, and elk. She always makes an interesting dishes for family functions for everyone to try. People who score low on openness are more likely to stick to a routine, avoid new or adventurous tasks, and will most likely not be very creative. These low scorers are not known to be curious and also tend to lean toward the conservative side of things. My mom (Penny 's sister) is the complete opposite and I find this very interesting. My mom would score low on openness. She fears change and
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