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Robert Schumann was a famous German composer in the Romantic era. When he was young, his talents revealed from poetry to music. In 1830, he decided to be a musician, although he was learning laws. Since he anxiously wanted to be successful in music, his hands got hurt. However, he still had enthusiastic and sensitive depositions. Then he changed to be engaged in creating and commenting on music. Later on, he married Clara Wieck and wrote over hundred outstanding music. Thus, Robert Schumann’s experiences had a huge impact on his music.
Robert Schumann was born in Zwickau, Germany, on June 8, 1810, at 10:30 p.m., who was also the fifth and youngest child in the Schumann. His father, August Schumann, was an “author of chivalric romances and an indefatigable lexicographer.” This evoked and cultivated Robert’s capabilities of music and literature. After he was about seven, he started piano classes with Gottfried Kuntsch at Saint Mary’s. About four years later, Schumann had performances in abendunterhaltungen (semi-private evening entertainments), which was organized by Kuntsh. This entertainment gave him opportunities to spread his repertoires in Schumann’s early compositional efforts (Daverio).
On March 29, 1828, Schumann went to the University of Leipzig and was studying law. Since his mother, Johanna Christiana, worried about Schumann’s future career and believed that being a lawyer could have a safe and relaxing life instead of being a musician, she squelched Schumann to

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