Robotics Changes the World

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Robotics Changes The World
Robotic technology has taken an important role in our society since many years ago. These recent days, scientists and engineers have been developing an automotive technology that allows cars to park themselves without any troubles. Noel Sharkey (2008), a professor of computer science at the University of Sheffield and an expert on robot science and techno games, in “The Ethical Frontiers of Robotics” shows the unavoidable of the use of robots in the future and ethical problems that come together (p. 357). According to Sharkey (2008), there are positive and negative aspects of the robots use for care for children and the elderly, and the use of autonomous robots in the military (p. 358). Sharkey claims that using
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However, many people will needed personal-care robots one day. For example in Japan, there are many children who are waiting for the vacancy of the publicly certified nursery schools. Many children are on waiting list because the economic downturn has motivated most parents to work. If the child-minding robots were on the market, then most people would use child-minding robot without thinking of any causes that may happen to children. To avoid the children’s isolation, people should discuss and understand about the pros and cons of the child-minding robots to protect the innocent children.
These past decades, the average life span has increased because of medical progress. The rise of elderly population and the descent of younger caregiver cause to develop the eldercare robots. Sharkey explains the different types of robots that are available in today’s eldercare. There are “the Secom ‘My Spoon’ automatic feeding robot, the Sanyo electric bathtub robot that automatically washes and rinses, and the Mitsubishi Wakamura robot for monitoring, delivering messages, and reminding about medicines” (Sharkey, 2008, p. 359). Sharkey states that these robots assist the elderly to be able to become independence at their house. However, these robots also assist elderly to become isolation because the robots work instead of family or
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