Robotics In Frankenstein

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The connection between the literature block and the technical block of this class created a very strong understanding between the underlying theme of robotics. A chance to read and evaluate the history of robotics through certain pieces of literature provided a sufficient amount of background knowledge to fully understand why and how robotics is highly relevant today. With technology today rapidly evolving, the technical block of this class showed us what it would take to maneuver and set parameters for a robot. Whether we were analyzing the hidden themes in Frankenstein or attempting to unravel Mercerism in Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep? the idea of robotics within the context stayed relevant. Although Frankenstein did not include a physical robot, it caused the reader to understand the long-term effect of another source of intelligence other than humans. While robotics is a difficult theme to fully understand, the countless readings we received definitely added further knowledge and understanding of the complex topic. As complex of a topic that robotics is, there are multiple levels of robotics we had …show more content…

While the literature block covered stories between the creator and creations, the technical block put us in the position of the creator. We were able to set certain parameters and control the way the robot performed. Although this section was hands on, the critical thought of the literature section was still evident. The strong connection between the two courses made the idea of robotics much clearer. When you sat down and attempt to program the robot to meet the lab specifications, it was a rewarding feeling when you get the code correct and the robot functions properly. While programming these robots, we were put into the same driver seat that Victor Frankenstein may have been. Us programmers, just like Victor Frankenstein, wanted to succeed and see our creation

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