Rockstar Energy Drinks: Caffeine And Its Effects On The Body

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Have you ever needed to stay awake for 37.5 hours? The likely choice is yes, and we have all had to, or wanted to, and the way it was successful was because of a supplement. A little kick to keep your heartrate and brain awake. Caffeine is a supplement used by most people between the age of 15 to 70. We use it to wake up, stay awake, or for the enjoyment of the buzz. However, many people use it as an enhancer, and some people abuse it. It is most commonly found in coffee, teas, and energy drinks. Many beverages are have known amounts of caffeine, clearly stated on the can or bottle, whether it is decaf or caffeinated. The FDA has approved 100 (mg) as a safe amount for caffeine in beverages, Rockstar Energy Drinks contains 240 (mg) in 15 fluid ounces. The risks of taking high dosages of caffeine far outweigh the need for a large amount. After getting into the habit of drinking substances with caffeine it is hard for your body to retract the need for it. …show more content…

The nervous system is the first to use it as a stimulant, however the risk of too much, or too little, can cause anxiety attacks, confusion, and hallucinations. Next, it travels to your stomach, which can be extremely dangerous if you ingest too much, caffeine rises the stomach acid amount. The term used by (Healthline Networks, Inc.) is diuretic, which triggers your body to get rid of water. After the caffeine is absorbed through your stomach it enters the bloodstream, which gives you the short burst of jittery-ness and irregular heartbeat increase. Caffeine truly reaches all parts of your body, causing the effect to last longer with higher

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