Rocky Top Research Paper

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“The hardest part about growing up, is letting go of what you were used to; and moving on with something you’re not.” -Unknown Rocky Top is a place where I have grown up. Many things have happened that allowed me to mature and grow. These events have shaped me into the person I am today. I have spent three years of my life here and now it is time to say goodbye. I’m saying goodbye to all of the memories and friendships I have made. Now I have to start a new journey. High School!! I have to start something brand new, but Rocky Top has prepared me for those new experiences.
My experience at Rocky Top has been a good one. Over the past three years one person in particular at this school had made it so much better. Grace Roberts has been one of the best friends who can ask for. She has taught me to say “who cares?” to what people think, to just be yourself and work hard at everything you do. If you have ever seen her you know she likes to sing A LOT, but she doesn’t care if people look at her weird when she does it. She loves to sing so that is what she is going to do. I like that about her. I like how she will do what she loves to do and doesn’t care if people like it or not.
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My goals I want to accomplish by the time I finish high school are to find the good friends early on and finish at the top of my class, but the most important one is to get recruited to play college volleyball. I want to find those friends early on so that my high school experience will be a lot easier with friends that support me on my side. Finishing at the top of my class is one of my goals because I have always wanted to finish at the top of my class. Getting recruited is also a something I really want to happen. This has been my dream since I was a little girl and my goal is to make that dream come true. I will work hard at everything so that I can make that

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