Roger And Mrs. Jones In Thank You M Am

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People can change bad decisions you made in the past. In the book, thank you m’am , Roger does something wrong and Luella Bates Washington Jones comes in and changes him completely. Mrs. Jones can tell that on the inside, he is a good person. Roger and Mrs. Jones interactions in the story and the conflicts that Roger goes through impels the changes in his character. At the beginning of the story Rogers External conflict between Roger and Mrs. Jones incites the change in Rogers character. Roger is getting dragged down the street by Mrs Jones after he tries to snatch her purse . As they walk in the door Mrs. Jones tells him to wash his face because it is really dirty . but Roger thinks about running away, “ Roger looked at the door, looked at the women looked at the door and went to the sink. “ Rogger could have easily started to run out the door, but he felt comfortable with Mrs. Jones and that she would teach him a lot. Roger has not been taught right from wrong when he was a child, but Mrs. Jones could change him forever with her kind heart and her love to help people and teach them a lesson. Rogers behavior starts to change because of the interactions between Mrs. Jones and himself. Mrs. Jones and Roger start to get more comfortable around each other that night . Mrs. Jones gets up off the daybed and goes into the…show more content…
Jones interactions change in the beginning of the story to the end of the story . Roger tried to steal the purse mrs. Jones dragged him home and taught him a lesson he will never forget for the rest of his life.Roger thought about running when Mrs.Jones told him to wash his face but he didn't because he knew she was going to do good things with him. As usual people if someone tried to take our purse, we would probably not take them into our house because that person that tried to steal your purse would already be labeled as a criminal . But Mrs. Jones being the person she is takes him home and changes him
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