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1) Since 2014, College Nannies and Tutors, has been a very successful child care/role model/college tutoring company out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Their appraoch has been specifically geared towards high moral and values when contributing their expertise to families. Parents have loved the fact that College Nannies matches the perfect nannies and tutors up with their families.

2) Since 2002, Mathnasium, from Las Vegas, Nevada has helped students (all over the United States) at every level, reaching up to high school, to improve in math while sticking to a strict plan of action that teaches them in a way that makes sense to them. Mathnasium has been ranked #86 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Fast 500 in 2014. Customers' kids have went from hating …show more content…

Parents have been amazed at how LindaModd-Bell has helped their kids to read when they could not read at levels whre they should be reading fluently. Accredited by "Advanced".

17) "1st class tutoring", specializes in tutoring services for English, Math, Reading, Writing, Piano and Hebrew & Jewish studies. They successfully help individuals of all ages with accomplishing their educational goals. Customers have stated that 1st class tutoring has helped their child overcome concentration issues within the classroom.

18) Enhanced Learning LLC of Las Vegas Nevada, is a tutoring service that teaches students techniques to achieve the highest grades in writing, reading, math, physics, chemistry and essay writing for easy college recognition. Parents have agreed, that Enhanced Learning LLC have some pretty tough tutors, but they do push your kids to be the best that they can …show more content…

Certified teachers' goal is to help foster student’s fundamental understanding of concepts that are required to excel in a classroom.

22) Math Dadd Tutoring, out of Las Vegas Nevada, applies learning concepts that helps students grasp mathematical understandings, while building confidence in the process. Customers have stated that Math Dadd has been an excellent role model for their kids and have helped them pass both the ACT and SAT tests with flying colors!

23) "Mostly Math" of Las Vegas, Nevada, offers tutoring support for students and educators - that may want to invest in academic consulting. Subjects of tutoring interest includes: Math, English, Science, History, Philosophy and test taking skill development. There goal is to apply the latest educational research for the betterment of their targeted students and

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