Role Of Music During The War Essay

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Leen Sabaar Mrs.Pettegrew American literature, Period 1 17 February 2016 Music During the War Music is delightful sounds that lead us to experience good feelings, which make others think more about the meaning of the lyrics. During the war, many soldiers went to fight for their country and families. They want to feel proud of themselves and make their country proud. Some of them lost their lives trying to save others, and others went back home with mental problems that they faced after the war and hard time they had. The wars that happened over time were very hard for the citizens, such as families who lost someone from their family, soldiers who lost their lives, and countries that lost many things such as lands and some sources. During …show more content…

Even factories got involved during the war. Every year songs were developing and getting better and more inspiring. “Over There” was a song published, which talked about war and join it because everybody went through a hard time, especially because they were going through great depression. It made everything harder. Throughout the years, everything had improved and changed, many things got better and some of the things got improved in a bad way that did not help the society and create many problems. Technology is really important in our life because we use it in our daily life. “Back Against The Wall” talked about technology affecting the kids and they always sit at their homes watch TV which stopped them from gathering with their friends. Everybody listen to music, also, they enjoy it a lot. Some people they get inspired from music. During the war songs was a way to inspire people and let them join the war for better future. People got inspired and they enjoyed listening to some of the songs. Some of them were the happy song which was published after the war welcoming the soldiers, other songs were sad because it was more about losing someone they liked. War was really hard for everyone and nobody wanted to send their boys away and see them dining from war. That"s why music was a way to inspire boys to get involve in wars, so they will be

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