Role Of The Chief Information Officer

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In a fast-moving business environment, how can today’s CIO make the biggest impact on behalf of the entire organization?
The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) has evolved from being a Functional Head to a Strategic Partner in today’s demands for a Business Integrator and Innovator. CIO is a person who handles the management and technology. He is a strategic decision-maker and develop relationships with appropriate parts of the organization, clients, key stakeholders and drive their organizations forward with the use of technology and manages the finances of the client (Gibson and Nolan, 1974). He is the head of the IT infrastructure planning and designing innovative process making them more efficient and aligned with the
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 CIO manages information technology specialist’s team who operates IT resources and ensure that the team manages the IT operations.
 CIO identifies the company’s investment of financial resources in IT systems and develop a cost benefit analysis for IT spending.
 CIO communicates with the IT specialists to develop innovative ideas in the implementation of new technologies.
 CIO supervises and encourages the staff in the development within the budget boundaries.
 CIO is responsible to work according to the service level agreement and also responsible for his team to work under that agreement and get good results.
 CIO defines and implements the corporate plans, standards and polices of information technology for the operation and growth of the organization.
 CIO controls and approves the projects and team members as they relate to the selection, installation and development of the information systems.
TODAY’S IMPACT OF CIO ON BEHALF OF ENTIRE ORGANIZATION: In today’s environment Chief Information Officer is the one of the few executives who is involved in all aspects of the business as well as technology. The role of CIO in the organization is rapidly increasing as per the development in the technology because the relationship between the technologies and the vendors is increasing day by day. Compared to
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