Roles And Images Of The First Video

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In the first video in this series, I viewed in groups and out groups. In groups “refer to groups we identify with out groups descibes groups we see different from us” (Floyd 31). The adolescents and the professor have different roles and images which hindered their communication, so they didn’t associate the professor as the same in group as them. The boy and girl seemed to have a more relaxed conversation because they perceive each other as in the same in group. For example, both students changed their conversation style when the professor came up to talk to them indicating that they were code switching from friends to students. The girl used positive facial display, “facial expressions” (Floyd 109), and movements and gestures such as smiling and hand movements that suggested that she was comfortable with her friend. However, when the professor walked up to them, they both sat up straight and said “thank you” multiple times; they even changed their jargon. The students were experiencing open sensitivity between each other, while with their professor they experienced closed stereotyping. The second video clip deals with ethnocentrism and cultural diversity. The series of ethnocentric questions lacked in mindfulness. Being mindful is being “aware of how their behaviors and ways of thinking are likely to differ from our own” (Floyd 45). The person asking these type of questions believes in the similarity assumption, “presuming that most people think the same way we do”

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