Roles And Responsibilities Of A Non Commissioned Officer

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Roles and Responsibilities of a
Non-Commissioned Officer within the U.S. Army
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The Corps of Non-Commissioned Officers (NC Os) date back to the 15th century, therefore its significance and legacy is older than our nation itself. Since that time, the roles of the NCO and the responsibilities inherent in that role have evolved throughout many conflicts and births of many countries such as the United States.
However, certain key points have remained untouched, withstanding the erosion of time, bolstering the Corps into the history books, and perpetuating their necessity in the impending defense and the security of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Specific roles and responsibilities for the American NCO Corps were first outlined in the "Blue Book" written by Frederick Von Steuben in 1778. Von Steuben stated, "The choice of noncommissioned officers is an object of greatest importance. The order and discipline of a Regiment depends so much upon their behavior, that too much care can not be taken in preferring none to that trust but those who by their merit
--(r1 I and good conduct are entitled to it". Although his choice of words are a bit different than we see today, Von Steuben 's quintessential and bold statement still remains

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