Roles Of A Grand Son

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Roles and statuses make up the part in society that an individuals plays. Every single human being on earth has their own unique set of roles, and statuses. There are two kinds, ascribed, and achieved. An ascribed role, is a role that a person is born into, examples include the role of a grand son, or a Canadian. Achieved roles, are roles that a person has to work to acquire, examples include; a teacher, or a politician. Two roles that I currently possess are a university student, and a daughter, each of these roles has molded me into who I am, and decided my place in the social hierarchy of society. Being a daughter is an important role that I have. Daughter is an ascribed role, and I know this because I did not have to work for it. I was simply born into it. As a daughter, I have a set of responsibilities. The most important of these responsibilities is loving and caring for my parents, and to make sure I stay in contact, and see them regularly. Another important responsibility is to make decisions that reflect the values that my parents raised me with. Along with responsibilities, there is also with a set of rights for the role. These rights are having my basic needs met until I am the age of 18. The role of being a daughter plays a key role in socialization and social belonging. My parents were my source of early attachment. Most importantly, they were my primary agents of socialization. They taught me the language I speak, my values, and norms. As a daughter, my…
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