Roles Of A Grand Son

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Roles and statuses make up the part in society that an individuals plays. Every single human being on earth has their own unique set of roles, and statuses. There are two kinds, ascribed, and achieved. An ascribed role, is a role that a person is born into, examples include the role of a grand son, or a Canadian. Achieved roles, are roles that a person has to work to acquire, examples include; a teacher, or a politician. Two roles that I currently possess are a university student, and a daughter, each of these roles has molded me into who I am, and decided my place in the social hierarchy of society. Being a daughter is an important role that I have. Daughter is an ascribed role, and I know this because I did not have to work for it. I …show more content…

For the beginning stage of my life, I watched and observed what my parents did, and I reproduced their behavior. Through my family, I also learned a system of hierarchy that is common in our society. For me, this system was based on age. My parents were older than me, therefore they had more power than I did. As I got older, I recognized the hierarchy systems in our society. Although these new hierarchy systems were different, and far more complex, I understood them, and learned to respect them through my experience being a daughter in my family. My parents were the first people to teach me anything, because of this, being their daughter played a huge role in my socialization. Not all daughters are equal, and I believe that I was very lucky with the role I was given. I was born into a reasonable affluent home. I was the daughter of two married parents, who were very capable of raising a child. Many people believe that moving up in social status is possible for everyone. This is not necessarily. The ability to move upward in the Canadian Social stratification system has a lot to do with our ascribed roles. For example, I tutor at an adult literacy center. I work one on one with a 27 year old women named Breena. Unlike myself, Breena’s mother had dropped out of high school, she never had a reliable income, and she struggled a serious drinking problem. The ascribed roles that Breena was born into did not give her any fair chance of

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