Roles Of Actors Should Be Considered Effective For A Number Of Reasons Essay

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Ury, William, Brett, and Stephen, and Goldberg (44) argued that actors should instead focus on what they would like to do with their interests. Claims and disputes based on interests are usually easier to negotiate and are also less likely to become intractable. When the interest negotiations do not work, different parties in the dispute, i.e. the workers and management should consider using rights-based approaches such as mediation, and arbitration. Furthermore, the power-based approaches such as strikes should only be resolved for the few conflicts that cannot be resolved through either the rights-based or interest-based approaches. As such, the recommended system should resolve most of the disputes and issues at the interest level, least at the right level, and the least through the use of power options. Doing so will be considered effective for a number of reasons. Firstly, negotiating interests are usually considered to be less expensive compared to either adjudicating the rights or pursuing the power options. Secondly, depending on negotiating interests will usually increase the chances of gaining mutually satisfactory solutions, while the other two methods would lead to a win-lose situation, where not all the people involved would benefit from the resolution procedures, leading to long-term resentment. Thirdly, it is evident that relying more on the power-based approaches will lead to the losing side planning to get back on the other side, even when it is to the

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