Roles Of The Khilafat Movement

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: "The business related with the printing and circulation of news through daily papers and magazines called print media."
In the sub-continent, journalism began with manually written news sheets, arranged by government news-authors at the time when Muslims were ruling. They were composed, dated, showed up at general and customary intervals.
With the ruin of Mughal rule, Britain began hostile attack into the subcontinent. Wherever contempt for British surfaced, individuals began exclusive manually written papers keeping in mind the goal of raise more hate against East India Company. In 1857, such papers assumed a powerful part. News-writers were allocated in every regions of the empire to gather news and publish it in the paper for the court
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It was a pan-Islamic movement between 1919 till 1924. Some of the great journalists of that time like Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar and his brother Maulana Shaukat Ali worked very hard for this cause with lots of other important personalities. The Muslim press and newspapers also played an important role amongst the Muslims about the importance of the Khilafat Movement. Initially the movement was quite successful through strikes and protests all over India but this movement could not gain a lot of success in the long run. However, the role of Muslim press during that time would always be remembered in history with golden words.
Although the Khilafat Movement was not a success, it united the Muslims of Sub-continent and injected a new spirit amongst them which was the real energy behind the independence movement later on.
In the 25th session of All-India Muslim League organized in Allahabad, Dr. Allama Mohammad Iqbal presented the idea of two nation theory which states that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations and it is very hard for both of these
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