Roller Coaster History

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The origin of the roller coaster can be traced back to Russia and their ice slides. These slides were made of ice as they were more prominent during the winter festival, and what a better way than to use the ice that was around them. The ice slide can be traced back as early as the 17th century, to the time of Catherine the Great and they were found mainly in St. Petersburg, Russia. The structures that supported the slides were constructed out of wood and the surface was covered with a thick sheet of ice made of many inches thick. Riders reached the top of the slides via the stairs that were located at the back of the slides. Once they reached the top they descended a 50 degree drop and this exhilarated many and even those members of the …show more content…

The tracks control the fall of the car. This means that if there is a ip or slope down, the gravity pulls the front of the car toward the ground, so it accelerates. If the track has an upward slant, then the car decelerates. According to Newton’s first law of motion, (an object in motion stays in motion, the car will keep a forward velocity as it goes up the hill. This means that it is creating potential energy and then at the top of the hill the energy is converted to kinetic energy. The rack is continuously converting energy from potential to kinetic energy. There is also the continuous change in acceleration. As the cars move along the track and go up and down smaller hills the potential energy is increasing which is built up for the biggest burst of kinetic energy at the top of the biggest hill. The twists and turns create more forces which causes the feeling you feel when riding a roller coaster. The gravity is pulling you down and the push from the ground up on you is what cause the feeling of pressure on you rib cage, feet and face. Acceleration is what pushes you back into you seat or pushes you against the restraining bar. Your body moves with the car and with its twists and turns. You yourself are following Newton’s first Law of Motion. You are an object in motion and you will continue to be in motion. The car gets jerked forward, you will go in that direction. If the car gets sent in a rapid downward spiral, so will

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