Roman Concrete

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The development of both the arch and concrete have significant roles in the life of Rome, and their use have great results. They showed how the Romans thought and who they believed. Roman concrete was a material used in construction. It was based on hydraulic-setting cement. Roman concrete was different from modern concrete. Roman concrete was durable to its incorporation of volcanic ash preventing cracks from spreading out.

Roman sculpture is learnt from the Greeks and the Etruscans. It reached a peak in the first and second centuries AD. The development of the arch and the use of concrete gave Roman life distinction, serviceability and hospitability to Roman domestic, civil engineering and public architecture. Arch and concrete play a very important role in Roman life. The worship and reverence of images normally were about the God or dead ancestors or mothers. They had arch on pillars and tombs. The images from the arch revealed their belief and their perception in daily life about relationship, about love, about friendship, parentship with emotion and expression. Characters are shown in Roman sculptures, especially regarding the statues or symbols carved in the time of the Flavion emperors with animation. The rule about life and reality were shown rather than the exception. The later republic and early empire had portraits or coins. The outstanding historical reliefs were done with the emperor Trajan, the acquisition of the empire.
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They were shown through statues, symbols, columns in the central city, museums, houses, etc. They all showed outstanding historical reliefs and their religion beliefs in the God, Jesus, Mother Maria and her children, etc. The victories of the wars were memorized through the symbols and statues made in the concrete and the arch. Moreover, they show the development of concrete and the arch and their vital importance in the life of the
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