Roman Empire vs. Mongolian Empire Essay

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Roman Empire and Mongolian Empire
The key to the Mongolian success lied in their excellent horsemanship, their use of the composite bow, their unimaginable discipline and communication on the battlefield and also their ability to adapt to enemy tactics.
The Mongolian invasion of China often makes it sound as though these nomadic people did not have much of a battle plan, however it is the exact opposite according to (Conant, 1994)
“Genghis Khan was a very cautious man, and would study the towns and cities extensively through the use of spies before committing to an attack”.
His army was so well disciplined and employed communication techniques on the battlefield that it is said that the army well over 100,000 men at the end of his
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To the north of Rome lies many lakes that are volcanic and an open area which was easy to be targeted by many ships. The location of Rome has been said to be very ideal and helped with the expansion of Rome today.
Compared to the Roman Empire the Mongols continent spanned to Africa, Asia, and Europe. Mongol empire was so large that it was bigger that Great Britain, France, Germany, and Italy put together. The Mongol empire has many mountain ranges that are around it and they help to keep them covered in case of attacks. The largest mountain range in Mongol is Mount Huiten. The start of the Roman government had to do with the refining taste of the wealthy and successful. This government changed so much that it had different types of rule in the time that it rained such as Authoritarian, Hereditary, and Republic. Due to the upper classes wealthy they were able to rule the government and the lower class had no say in that matter. Even though the lower class were allowed to voice their opinion they were never sure if they were heard. The success that the Roman government possessed had to due with mostly their army. Their army was very strategic in their battles and conquered because of it.
The Mongol Empire was a hereditary monarch governed by the Mongol nobility. In the past that Mongol only treasured gold and never thought of taxes and laws. But the Chinese convinced that Mongols that their government and taxation policies are better than their plan of stealing

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