Roman Society : The Great And Vast Republic And Empire

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Roman society was one of ever changing complexity. At a size of approximately one million people Rome was the pinnacle of an age long lost. Yet the society created by these ancient people remains in the ever changing culture of today. Whether it be the creation of a republic, the political entity still used by many today, to the mannerisms of war still taught by military schools the world over, Rome gave more to the development of civilization than almost any society. Even the phrase, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is commonly used around the world. In this essay Roman society will be analyzed from the rise to the fall of the great and vast republic and empire. Yet what was a Roman really? “The Romans thus created for themselves a “national self-image” or a “national character,” and they perceived of the ideal Roman as being stern, diligent, and self-sufficient.” Although this may be an image that many Romans accepted as their societies view of its subjects, there was much more to the Romans than that. As with any other society there were the rich and poor, as well as slaves. Looking back the Romans may seem to be a very militaristic society, but the every day life of a Roman was equally exciting. To discover the truth behind these ancient people’s lives one must however know the difference between fact and fiction, as many of the Romans writings were not entirely true, but instead full of myth. This essay will look at the politics, military, myth, and true everyday
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