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the past 32 years (Highlights on Health in Romania). The geography of Romania plays a tremendous role in its people’s ability to thrive. The total land area covers approximately 92,043 square miles, which is just slightly larger than the state of Minnesota. Over two-thirds of the total area is suitable for agriculture. The fertile soil and combination of 3,500 small and medium sized lakes are ideal for farmers and ranchers. The terrain and climate vary from region to region. This diverse ecosystem allows for an abundance of plant and animal life. There are over 3,700 species of plant and 33,792 species of animals. Timber is a primary natural resource. Harvesting raw timber was Romania’s primary export in the past. Other natural …show more content…

Technology advancements and studies have put Romania on the map in the information technology status. In Central and Eastern Europe, it is one of the fastest-growing information technology (IT) markets in the industry. Per density, Romania is first in Europe and sixth in the world in reference to the number of IT specialists. Geared towards this education, Romania is the second largest software provider in Eastern Europe. However, only roughly 55.76 percent of the population uses the Internet. This seemingly lower number than one would think can be linked to the terrain and professions of many citizens, remembering that one-third of the workforce partake in agriculture. Internet is not one of their primary necessities. On the other hand, as percent of the population, 107.14 percent are mobile-cellular subscribers. This accounts for mobile-cellular subscription being an international service provided by companies in Romania (Romania GDP and Economic Data). Important to Romania’s economy is its transportation infrastructure. Its railway is ranked as the seventh longest in the European Union. However, of the 17,000 km of railway, only 10,500 km of it is currently used. Lack of funding for development and upgrades has hindered the full potential of Romania’s railway infrastructure. In 2009, the state-owned rail maintenance company, CFR Infrastructure, donated

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