Romeo And Juliet Infatuation

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To the human race, emotions and feeling are very powerful and often have a large effect on humans, which can have a negative or positive effect. Infatuation and love is one of the larger ones, as all ages and types of people, experience confusion, pain and problems. This can be most problematic for adolescences as it could be their first experience with infatuation and not know how to deal with it; which makes it important that they have someone that will support them or a confidant. The play Romeo and Juliet, focuses on the themes of the forcefulness of love and infatuation and the positive and negative effects it can have. In Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet', the characters of the Nurse, Friar Lawrence and Romeo and Juliet, all lead to …show more content…

When the nurse was first introduced it is shown that she was close to Juliet, as Lady Capulet had asked to her to "...leave a while" ( I. III. 8 ) as they had to " in secret" ( I. III. 9 ) but soon changed her mind and asked her to stay. Even Lady Capulet seems to acknowledge and know Juliet's close bond with the nurse as she allowed her to partake in a conversation of such importance. Due to her close relationship with Juliet, she had a lot of influence over her, and by encouraging her relationship with Romeo, this allowed her to gain confidence …show more content…

III. 67 ) but quickly changed her mind and married Romeo. Both married each other without properly thinking about the consequences and possible problems they might encounter, especially since their families were enemies. Secondly, the two react very strongly to negative events, as when Mercutio was killed, Romeo in a fit of anger, went and killed Tybalt, in addition this caused his banishment which led Juliet to become emotionally fragile as she was willing to "...undertake/ A thing like death" ( IV. I. 73-74 ) or she would use the "...knife [to] help it presently." ( IV. I. 54 ). While, Juliet should have looked for a different solution, this predicament was caused mostly by Romeo, as killing Tybalt caused a series of events to unfold, which led to their eventual death. Finally, even if both were passionate and in a fragile state, it was their own decision to "set up [their] everlasting rest" ( V. III. 110 ) and "let [themselves] die" ( V. III. 170 ). Neither of them thought about how their deaths would affect everyone else, even though people though Juliet was dead and Romeo was banishment; the amount of commotion and grief they would have caused. Overall, the tragic events that occurred were due to the bad and impulsive choices they made; marrying too soon without thinking about the consequences; Romeo killing Tybalt impulsively, which led to Juliet drinking the potion in her desperate state, which ultimately led to

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