Romeo And Juliet Sentence Outline Essay

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Romeo and Juliet Sentence Outline

I. Playgoers go to play’s even though they already know what's gonna happen in the play.
A. The timeless story of two people in love despite all of their differences that ought to and the lovers and keeping them together forever. Even if people already know what's going to happen they love and enjoy watching it again because they think it gets a little better than it was already is so they watch it over and over again to see how exciting it is.
B. The idea to overcome love and get through obstacles was genius to try to keep lovers was very moving for everybody for people who have watched it. C. So
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Romeo was nearly a man he was about 19 and he was falling in love with a 14 year old girl and her name was juliet girl raised with a family waiting for her to get married so on.
B. There was another story behind romeo and juliet and it was at least published 1592 and it was probably the most popular poem and it is still the best out there everyone knows.
C. Back then these types of plays weren’t that interesting to people back in the 1500 except this one by killing the people who were madly in love was genius.
III. This is telling the story and prologue of the story about two people who fall in love.
A. Romeo and Juliet was a story about falling in love with the first sight you lay on the the man or women. They got caught in the the most passionate love for each other the were B. They may have been two people madly in love but they also had to die. because they have broken the laws and married unwisely, against their parents wishes, you can’t do.
C. In the end with the star cross lovers came to the end from too much love, they tried so hard to be with each other that their faith was now a disaster. But they thought they would be together and nothing would end bad but that was the plot twist to the story

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