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Time and again, history has created a star-crossed couple that overcomes all obstacles through the strength of love. Whether it is from Pyramus and Thisbe, Romeo and Juliet, or Jack and Rose, the only possibility to separate the couple is the death of one or both individuals. Love is defined in these relationships as fighting against all odds, class, society, and even family, in order to be with their loved one. While these stories may be fictional, history has presented a real case of star-crossed “lovers”, Peter Abelard and Heloise. This couple went to little length to fight society in trying to establish a relationship with one another. Although considered a love story to some, a relationship founded on lust, inability…show more content…
Abelard equates lovemaking with a healthy relationship, yet by establishing this relationship on lust there is little room for emotional attachment to grow between the couple. By establishing this relationship on a lustful foundation, Abelard and Heloise were creating a relationship leading to a sinful life. As stated by Abelard, “My love, which brought us both to sin, should be called lust, not love” (Letter 5, Abelard to Heloise 86). When two people are actually in love, the relationship built is symbiotic and mutualistic. Part of that establishment is for the sole purpose that it, in some way, benefits both party members. In the case of Abelard and Heloise, the relationship was not symbiotic; it led both Abelard and Heloise to live a life with one another built on lust. Even Heloise shows how the relationship is not entirely out of true love for Abelard. She states, “…we enjoyed the pleasures of an uneasy love and abandoned ourselves to fornication” (Letter 4, Heloise to Abelard 65-66). This facet directly relates to how the relationship between the two is not based on love, if it were then both Abelard and Heloise would not resort to unfaithfulness and strained love, neither shows pure commitment to the other. Due to an inability to actually fight to stay together, Abelard and Heloise again show their lack of commitment toward each other, warranting that they are not truly in
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