Romeo and Juliet Who Is to Blame

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Romeo and Juliet essay The story of Romeo and Juliet is the best tragedy ever to be written. The tale of two adolescents taking their lives because of their love for one another has inspired a lot of controversy as to whether the adults surrounding these adolescents could have done something to prevent this tragedy. The truth is the adults in the situation are ultimately to blame for the deaths of their love struck teens. This essay will explain why Friar Laurence, Nurse and to a lesser extent Mercutio, caused the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Friar Laurence is at fault for causing this catastrophe. Friar Laurence is one of many who should have guided Romeo and Juliet’s love into a more stable situation. It was the Friar who married …show more content…

Upon hearing this Juliet becomes desperate and makes multiple bad decisions. If the Nurse had truly thought through the consequences of her decisions, maybe these two lovers would have lived. Mercutio is what his name stands to be, Mercurial. Though known as a joyful and intense character, he is in fact partially to blame for the tragic death of the two young lovers. It is in fact Mercutio who convinces a young Romeo to forget about

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