Romulus My Father and Comparison Text

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As life continues on and we grow older and more mature, we are able to look back at certain parts of our history and reflect on how these people or places have affected who we are and what we have become. The passage of time and the interactions we have with our world help us to achieve this ability to look back and view how we have grown and changed. In 1998 Ramond Gaita had his reflective memoir published and in this memoir we are told the story of his father and his various relationships with the land and the people he interacted with. Similar to Gaita, Maria Dell’oso has also written a reflective piece that features anecdotes of her family in different time periods and she has shown the change in their sense of belonging over time…show more content…
Both writers use the passage of time as a means of showing change and evolution. At the Start of ‘Romulus my father’ Gaita uses simple imagery to show the reader that he is young and so the reader understands that because he is young he is not old enough to have a true sense of belonging. As the story continues there is a point where Gaita has a moment of ascension and after this moment the writing becomes poetic and highly descriptive, this shows the reader the change that has occurred and that Romulus is no longer a boy but a man who can now fully grasp the idea of belonging. Gaita now begins to understand things about his family that he couldn’t comprehend before; his relationship with his mother is brought into question because he discovers her habit of sleeping with men, his father’s sanity after he is lied to by a Romanian woman and the idea of not belonging in you. The passage of time in ‘Romulus my father’ is important because it helps use see how much the passage of time can affect someone and help them to question the idea that they belong to their family and their families history/stories. By the end of the novel Raimond and his father finally decide to bury his mother, this shows that they had finally accepted her and after the death of Romulus, Raimond, buries him next to Christina. This burial shows how Raimond’s decision to interact with his world indicates that he has allowed his sense of belonging to evolve to such a stage where he can feel the
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