Ronald Land Legend

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Once many years ago, there was a small family that lived on a small farm. Their only child was a boy named Ronald. Ronald’s family had lived on the farm for hundreds of years, and will keep living there for hundreds more. The farm was Ronald’s destiny, just like it was the destiny of all his ancestors. The farm was passed on when the previous owner died, and to symbolize the passing of the touch each new owner would be handed the family’s golden ring. Ronald was dreading his future. He never really liked the farm, and he hated the reputation the ring carried even worse. There was an ancient legend that stated those who put on the ring go crazy and suffer a premature death. It was just a legend, but Ronald sincerely believed it. He believed it …show more content…

The scientist then grabbed the ring, and tried to force it on Ronald’s finger. Ronald panicked, snatched the ring back, and ran away. He thought the old scientist was crazy. Suddenly, the scientist bolted out of his home, and screamed that Ronald wasn’t putting on the ring. The whole town heard this message and ran after Ronald. They chanted “wear the ring” as they ran. While Ronald was running he realized that he didn’t become a plant yet. He thought this was strange, because according to his father once you’re eighteen you start transforming, but Ronald had no signs of transformation. Seconds later, Ronald found an old barn, and he climbed on top of it. He kicked down the latter so the citizens of the city couldn’t touch him. They surrounded the barn and chanted for Ronald to put the ring on. At that moment, Ronald realized something. He realized that his family members only became strange when they put the ring on. In fact, his father didn’t start standing in the rain of burying himself until the first time he wore the ring. Ronald realized that the ring turned his family into plants, not a

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