Task, The Task In The Odyssey And The White Snake

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The archetype, The Task appears in both The Odyssey and The “White Snake.” The Task appears throughout the story when the character has to complete, or achieve a certain thing to be able to fulfill the ultimate goal. In The Odyssey The task is present when Odysseus has to survive out in the sea to be able to return back home, and while he is traveling home he faces many obstacles that involve staying loyal and being extremely smart about the decisions he makes. A big challenge for Odysseus is surviving in the sea after being cursed by Poseidon when he faces the Cyclops, one of them is Poseidon’s son (Polyphemus). After Odysseus stabs the Cyclops in the eye and escaping, Polyphemus prayed to his father to curse the sea for the one that has …show more content…

Seeing this ghost I grieved, but held her off, through pang and pang of tears” (Homer 1229). In The Odyssey, Odysseus The Task in both stories are similar. Odysseus has to face many monsters that can kill him and he has to face the sea, and the curse that has been put upon him by the all powerful Poseidon in order to return to his wife that is in trouble and his son that is in danger. In “The White Snake” The Task is present when the servant has to complete the tasks that the king and the queen provide him, to prove himself worthy to be able to marry the Princess of the land. In the story one of the three tasks the servant has to complete is retrieving the golden apple, in order to complete this he travels to many different kingdoms and lands to find the magic golden apple, “He shall not be my husband until he has brought me an apple from the tree of life. The youth did not know where the tree of life stood, but he set out, and would have gone on forever, as long as his legs would carry him, though he had no hope of finding it” (Grimm 1). His final challenge to prove himself was impossible, but the servant was confident and with the help of the ravens that he saved when the ravens were starving. He gives up his horse to feed the ravens from dying and are thankful and repay what the servant does for them, and they help him get the golden apple to

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