Room 101 Essay In 1984

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1984 has very intriguing aspects in it, and its very eye opening to put it into terms that suit a certain situation. To bring out my own fears and utopia is kind of hard, because we all try to think that we aren’t afraid of anything or the things that we are afraid of, would never scare us enough to make us say and do and believe things that we are completely against. Digging deep into your brain and picking apart each coil of your brain, each cell, taking out all the things that could genuinely make life perfect or a genuine living hell for you. A glass ball with iridescent-pastel aqua and coral bubbles fluctuating amidst in a clear ball matted over on the outside. The bubbles working together to create an illusion effect, yet completely…show more content…
People struggling, fighting for a gasp of air, isolation, entrapment, and insecurity. Room 101 would be individual cells, small worn down yellow rotting walls, with tear stained walls and markings and blood from where people tried to fight their way out. Tried to punch, kick, scratch, etc…, their way out. With muted neutral brown and yellow uniforms and food. No real nutrition, no respect or care. They slide your food to you and leave you to sit in your cell, all day long, with no form of visitation. This is a place where they make you watch them kill the non-conformers. There is no happiness, and the bitterness and depression bleeds out the sides of the building. Its place of constant torture, when the only things you get to watch are death, or flashbacks of terrible mistakes that you have made or witnessed. When for days at a time you are thrown into an area and made to fight for your survival, kind of an imitation of the hunger games, but missing it up and making you experience things that are not actually happening, like making you view a funeral of a loved one that has not actually died, but there is no way of knowing because you are caged up. Or fighting against animated people that are also loved ones, having to kill them or be killed. Room 101 is a room of death. There is no life support, no second chances, and no hint of…show more content…
On happiness and individuality. I like to make people happy, to be understanding and help. Death is something I have come close to many times and have battled with myself. Depression is a serious aspect in my life and it is nothing I would ever want anyone else to ever have to experience. A feeling of self-worth and beauty are a very serious aspect in life. People focus solely on physical appearance a lot and it tears people down and makes them think that if they are not the perfect measurements with the perfect shape and hair color or skin tone, that they will not achieve great things in life. I have kept myself going and pulled through many serious troubles because I have a drive to accomplish something. There is no way I have survived the things I have if there was not a greater purpose for me. I know I have great things to accomplish and I want to do just that, the world would be perfect, if we could all see this. Being caged up is something I have also experienced. I would have given anything to just be a part of the outside world. To feel as if I could contribute to society. To me room 101 would just be a place of oozing despair. The polarity sticks out, and I believe that when you hear what people’s utopias are and what people view as the worst things or their biggest fears, it reveals who they are as a
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