Ropers Utilize The Nursing Process

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underpinned by philosophies which include the Humanistic, scientific and behavioural philosophy. However, several models used in nursing include the Orem model of self-care, king goal attainment model, Ropers, Logan &Tierney model of activities of daily living, Peplau interpersonal model among others (Alligold et al, 2009). Nursing process in hospital in State of Sao Paulo (Brazil) and UK sought to advance their knowledge to factors involved in planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing care through analysis of Clinical nursing documentation (Cruz et al, 2016). Paans et al (2010) maintains that a Dutch study found an inaccurate and inadequate documentation of nursing care. However, Gugerty et al. (2007) argues that Nurses spend about 50% of their time on documentation per shift.

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