Rosa Lee Story

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The Rosa lee story

Rosa Lee gave dash full access to her and her family life for four years, because she thought someone could learn from it. Rosa was born in Washington and was living a low class life, and often looked down up on for it . Rosa lee was brought up in a single parent house hold and when she entered jr. high her dad died. Rosa mom often struggled to take care of her and her siblings. Her mother gave birth to twenty-two kids, but only eleven survived.
Rosa and her mom never saw eye to eye and when she got pregnant at the age of thirteen it didn’t make their relationship any better. At the age of fourteen she had her first prostitution experience for five dollars, she told her customers at work that if they were
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They had honest jobs like bus driving and had their own cab services. Her brother and sister choose a different path because they seen and knew the struggle that their mom and sister Rosa had to deal with. Seeing Rosa life its self made you want to do right. Eight kids, having to steal, selling and using drugs and being back and forth in jail made you want to do right.
Rosa didn’t start selling drugs with the intent to use them, it just happened, she thought selling marijuana and heroin was a quick way to get money and keep her welfare, but when she started she couldn’t quit she was using two fourty dollar bags a day. She said that when she used the drug it gave her courage. Rosa could do and say anything when she was high. Rosa and her siblings used drugs and broke the law because they were not taught any right from wrong . They had such a rough childhood and at this time they didn’t know any better, they were young when they started.
Even Rosa kids started taking different paths at very young ages. They didn’t go to school because she didn’t make them. Rosa did drugs in front of her kids and it made them want it. Her one and only daughter Patty started using drugs at the age of thirteen and was rapped several times by relatives while Rosa was incarcerated, which is why she said she hated males and on top of that she was prostituted by her mom. Her son Ronnie started using drugs at the age of fifteen,

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