Rosaline's Fault: The Untimely Death Of Romeo And Juliet

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It was Rosaline’s Fault
There are many things that lead up to the untimely death of Romeo and Juliet, but the lynch pin that started all of the unfortunate events afterwards was Rosaline breaking Romeo’s heart. Rosaline decimates Romeo’s feeling, leaving him vulnerable and wanting love to fill the empty spot in his heart.
On page 737 Romeo explains to Benvolio that Rosaline doesn't love him back. He then goes into a long speech about how he is extremely hurt and that cupid has forsaken him. Romeo even goes as far as saying that he feels like he has died after Rosaline refused his advances (739). Rosaline has so utterly destroyed Romeo’s heart that he wishes he was dead. In the play, we never even meet Rosaline, but she has affected Romeo in

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